Assistant Judge 2018 - SUSIE LYONS

As Arts and Culture Manager of Glenelg Shire Council, in south west Victoria, Susie is responsible for programming, delivering and supporting a broad range of cultural activities and services across the Shire.

She leads a small team in programming high quality touring performances, managing the Portland Arts Centre, ensuring residents have access to inspiring and stimulating arts activities and supporting residents to fulfil their own creative potential.

As Creator and Founding Director of the Upwelling Festival, Portland - a free one day community celebration which has enjoyed eight years of success – and Chair of Julia Street Creative Space Inc., Portland – a community arts facility - Susie has led local communities into experiencing community art projects and has fostered development of skills in others through mentoring, training and skills building opportunities.

Journalism and public relations trained, Susie has planned and delivered marketing campaigns, developed and implemented fund raising strategies and projects, developed partnerships and negotiated sponsorship, and managed media.

With over 25 years’ production, direction and management experience working nationally and internationally on festivals, events, concert tours and art project management, Susie has witnessed and been partner to the profoundly positive impact excellent creative arts projects have on individuals and the community.